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Overview of Workshops and Courses proposed for 2008:

We currently don't foresee offering group courses in 2008. If you are interested in a special program, please feel free to contact us. We are glad to discuss options within our current possibilities.

Overview of Workshops and Courses in 2006:

Season-long Project X with Dmitri Bieri in Vuissens

Golf Coaching Workshops at Golf Club Signal de Bougy

Golf Coaching Workshops at Golf Club Vuissens

Swiss Golf Challange 2006: exclusive Golf Coaching experiment by Katrin Muff (coach) and Dmitri Bieri (PGA pro) at golf club Vuissens.

Intense season long golf coaching support starting with 3 day kick-off May 14-16 from 8.30-16.30h, and 10 x 2h training sessions every two weeks thru October from 18-20h (May 23, June 8 and 26, July 11 and 25, August 7 and 22, September 5 and 19, October 3) and a final evaluation day on October 14, 2006 from 8.30-16.30 plus dinner. Total arrangement for Fr. 3,200.- per participants.

For confirmed and ambitious players with a desire to make real progress. Synchronized support covering both technical and mental aspects of your game by a innovative collaboration and approach targeted to enable break-thru result over the season. Maximum 8 participants to ensure small group work of 2-3 persons. More details available in the french section.

Interested particiants are invited to contact either pro or coach for an evaluation interview. Teaching can be arranged in french, german and english.

Various Golf Coaching Workshops and Courses by Katrin Muff (coach) and Marc Bromet (PGA pro) at Golf Club Signal de Bougy.

Two different formulas of either 3 sundays or 2 weekends, scheduled for players at different levels from HCP 0-12, 13-24 and 25-36. Formula A (3x6h): Fr. 690.- for club members and Fr. 750.- for visitors, Formula B (4x6h): Fr. 890.- for club members and Fr. 950.- for visitors

For players HCP 0-12 Formula A: Sunday August 13 and 27, September 10, 2006

For players HCP 0-12 and 13-24 Formula A: Sunday July 2, Saturday/Sunday July 15 & 16, 2006. Formula B: weekend July 22 & 23, and August 19 & 20, 2006.

For players HCP 25-36 Formula A: Sunday May 7 and 21, June 4, 2006. Formula A: Sunday September 17, October 1 and 15, 2006. Formula B: weekend July 8-9 and August 5-6, 2006.

Open to players of all levels. Work in small groups of max. 4 persons to enable a personalized approach that allows real progress. We address all major of golf: from putting, short game, long game to game strategy. Mornings are focussed on training & coaching by rotating from working with the pro to working with the coach, both technical and mental aspects are considered. Afternoons are reserved to play on the course accompanied by coach and pro. We let the results speak for themselves.

Teaching in french.

3-Day Golf Coaching Workshop by Katrin Muff (coach) and Dmitri Bieri (PGA pro) at Golf Club Vuissens.

Tuesday to Thursday, July 11-13, 2006 from 8.30-12h and 13-16h. Fr. 800.- per participant.

Open to players of all levels. Mornings: 9 holes accompanied by coach and pro, with analysis and feedback. Afternoons: rotation between technical aspects with PGA pro and mental aspects with coach to assure maximum progress for each participant individually. Work in small groups of max. 4 persons.

Teaching can be arranged in french and english.

For information and booking, please contact:

Katrin Muff, phone +41 (0)79 310 0392


Additional Courses and other Forms of Collaboration:

Please contact us in case you are interested in other workshops - there are additional are currently under review.

I am available to work with different golf pro's and open to discuss collaboration, projects and workshop ideas. Feel free to contact me.



Some feedback from workshop participants:

This is what participants of the Swiss premiere “golf coaching” workshop provided by Katrin Muff and Guy Martin at Pra Roman in Lausanne say:

Participants uniformly rated the course either as “content” (two thirds) or “enchanted” (one third)

  • "Good course, well organized, goals achieved." Bertrand D.
  • "Very positive, both for the mental as well as the technical input, coach and pro are very complementary." Jacques F.
  • "The course has exceeded my expectation. Perfect collaboration of coach & pro. I particularly enjoyed the team spirit, the trust among participants and the framing during and around the course. A big thank you." Bernadette G.
  • "I particularly appreciated the ambiance, the repartition of practical theory and prodigious advice." Anonym
  • "Progress has been immense and much faster than I had imagined. Feeling of plenitude and inner satisfaction. Course has far exceeded my expectations and made me discover horizons of applications that reach far beyond the domain of golf." Cédric D.
  • "Continue, perfect yourselves and soon you will be inescapable" Pierre-Alain B.

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